Manufacturing Next Generation of Polymer Materials

Gavary Group is a polymer development and manufacturing company with over 20 years in the industry. We operate with a great wealth of experience – which has come from many years of collaboration with multi-national research centers and labs that specialize in polymer production. Gavary Group is a team of passionate technocrats.

Gavary Group aims to bring new polymer products and innovations to serve a wider industrial audience using the latest polymer technologies.

But how do we achieve our aim?

Gavary Group has the complete set of structures, technology, technique, and workforce to oversee an entire production cycle. Our research and development centers use up-to-date data and techniques in manufacturing. Gavary Group can nurse an idea from its conceptual stage to its endpoint of being a tangible product.

Having control over the entire manufacturing process enables us to deliver according to the client’s demands, with exactness. So, Gavary Group can keep pace with the current trends in the polymer industry, manufacturing products with proportionate demands.

Inovative Technology
About Our Research and Development

Industry Leader In Research and Development

Established principles of constant improvement define Gavary Group’s manufacturing operations. Our core values are quality assurance, innovative, and customized production through collaboration with international R &D centers.

Gavary Group maintains environmental hygiene through recycling of products and waste-free production. Because we are manufacturers with no intermediary, our products come at competitive prices.

All our production and market procedures comply with state laws, and we have ISO 9001 certification. Gavary Group is among the best and fastest-growing polymer companies globally.

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