Gavary Trade

Gavary Trade develops and sells solutions for insulating against vibration for buildings and equipment for industrial and civil construction.

Solutions for insulating buildings agains vibration

The foundations of buildings in large cities are subject to vibrations from:

  • Subway lines, railway and tram tracks;
  • Industrial facilities;
  • Highways.

Vibration mats insulate buildings from the sources of vibration:

  • To freely select a construction site;
  • To design buildings in accordance with noise and vibration standards;
  • To provide a high level of comfort for people.

Vibration insulation equipment solutions

Sources of vibration insulation loads:

  • Engineering equipment for life support systems (generators, lift wrenches, pumps, compressors);
  • Heavy industrial equipment – sledgehammers, presses, grinders.

Vibration mats help:

  • Redistributing and extinguishing heavy dynamic loads onto the foundation;
  • Lowering the dimensions and mass of the foundation;
  • Excluding the spread of vibrations into the environment;
  • Excluding settlement of grounds and slanting of the installations.