Gavary Compounds

Gavary Compounds is a leader in production of thermoplastic compounds and halogen-free materials on the CIS markets. Our own science and technology center, our team of professionals and many years of research and development work make us able to solve any tasks in the compounding field.

Gavary Compounds pays especial attention to quality service and technical support throughout the whole period of cooperation.

EVA compounds EVAcom®

EVAсom® is a polymer compound based on ethylene-co-vinil acetate. It is an environmentally clean product, which means it can be used in various areas. Footwear from EVA-based foam materials gained the trust of consumers all over the world.

  • High resistance to ageing;
  • Broad range of hardnesses and expansions;
  • Rich color palette;
  • High physical and mechanical performance;
  • Lightness;
  • Comfort and aesthetic qualities;
  • High cold endurance (material remains elastic at -30˚C);
  • Low conductivity (footwear can be worn in cold season);
  • Water resistance;
  • High stability of sizes in case of positive temperatures.

Halogen-free compounds FRcom®

Compounds of the FRcom® series are low-combustible halogen-free HFFR compounds, that is, polyolefinic compounds with addition of special noncarbon fillers and additives that make the product to which they are added fire resistant. The compounds are intended for use in the manufacturing of cabling and wiring products as well as for internal layer in aluminium composite panels.

  • Environmentally clean product;
  • Does not contain nitrogen, chlorine and sulfur;
  • High physical and mechanical performance.