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Gavary Group offers mutually beneficial partnership programs with other businesses. Our services are tailored to our customers’ needs.

Dues to our extensive network and commitment to quality, we are a leading supplier of polymer products to wholesalers and retailers, e-commerce, and dropshipping business owners.

Why partner with Gavary Group?

At Gavary Group, we have built our reputations on commitment to quality and timely delivery, outstanding services and exceptional customer relationships. Our partners stand to enjoy some of these benefits amongst others:

•High Quality Products

Our products are manufactured from high quality materials enabling us to chunk out durable products for all our customers irrespective of their order sizes.

•Good Margin Profit

Due to our ability to source quality materials at affordable prices, we are able to offer our clients competitive prices that enhance profitability across all our polymer products. Our partners can rest assured of unbeatable prices without compromising quality.


We offer eco-friendly deals like recurring bulk production of polymer goods upon demand, cheap shipping fees, and timely delivery. Gavary Group has served customers in a wide range of industries for more than 20 years. We are reliable suppliers with a proven ability to deliver on bulk custom orders.

•Long-term Collaboration

Gavary Group is open to a long-term production cycle for wholesalers. From production to product delivery, we oversee the whole process to ensure quality control.

Become a partner today and enjoy quality polymer products at affordable prices.

Become a Partner

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