Our Technologies

extrusion and compounding

Extrusion and Compounding

At Gavary Group, we use the best technologies to melt, expose and prepare our polymer materials to the best environment for treatment. Our extrusion and compounding process includes improving polymer qualities by adding additives and checking for structural deformity. We introduce quality like resistance to wear and tear, smoothness, thermal resistance to our finished products.

chemical crosslinking

Chemical Crosslinking

At Gavary Group, we adopt a technique of combining polymers’ best properties to get a specific product quality. We have the latest technology and the best operation techniques to manipulate polymers’ chemical structures for good use. Gavary Group innovates the best creative approach to bind polymers’ chemical properties.

casting production

Casting Production

Our production process includes the best practices of turning processed molds into their desired geometric shapes. As we turn the molten polymers into refined geometric forms, we introduce further additives to improve surface finish and smoothness. Gavary Group ensures the use of smooth cavity layers during the moulding process.



Gavary Group understands the effects of environmental waste accumulation. And so, we carry polymer exploitation and operations in pollution-managed facilities. Gavary has polymer techs that immediately convert waste into usable products. Whether polymer resins or polymer waste, Gavary Group adopts the idea that all polymer products are functional.

forming and cutting

Forming and Cutting

Our production technology adapts to all forms of designs. Gavary Group adopts manufacturing processes that make flat sheets out of polymer materials. Our polymer sheets serve a wide variety of industrial and domestic purposes. Gavary Group has high-tech cutting instruments that cut polymer materials into desired shapes and patterns.

sewing house

Sewing House

Gavary Group has a well-built sewing facility stocked with high polymer techs. Our production process incorporates the sewing of polymer engineered products like polymer sheets and flooring materials. Gavary Group carries out production at a standard that equals top polymer manufacturers globally. Reach out to learn about our production process, or you can become a partner.

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