Gavary Railways

Gavary Railway successfully implements import phaseout projects for products for track superstructure:

  • Roadbed pads
    Provide high level of track elasticity, halve the load upon the railway track , lower the rigidity of track switches.

  • Undersleeper pad
    Protects from vibrations, provides elasticity for large bridge structures, improves the quality of track geometry and reduces the costs for technical maintenance of railway tracks.

  • Vibration-damping construction for tunnels and subways
    Helps reducing the impact of vibration on subway tunnel constructions, the subway becomes quieter and trips become more comfortable for passengers.

Domestic manufacturer

The undersleeper (underbeam) pad is a thin (8-14 mm) layer of elastomeric material integrated into the body of the beam. It was developed and tested together with the Technological University of Munich (TUM) following the German DIN standards. The product is protected by a Patent.

  • The undersleeper pad can be installed both on high speed railway lines and on the lines with high axial loads as well as on existing standard railway lines during repairs and refitting;
  • The vibration damping sub-sleeper element provides protection against vibrations, keeping the ballast under the tracks and improving the stability of the track;
  • The fastening system provides secure fastening without using additional components at the sleeper production stage, no additional work is needed at the place for installation;
  • The assembly is done quickly, without the influence of weather and with minimum breaks in service.

The shock absorbing undersleeper element provides protection from vibration, preserving ballast under the line and improving the track stability and providing:

  • Increased track quality;
    Increased ballast service life;
  • Possibility of quick installation due to preassembly on sleepers;
  • Increases stability against transverse shifts;
  • Lowers the rigidity of tracks on transition segments;
  • Is perfectly suitable for enhancement of vibration protection.

Sub-ballast mats GENER

Gener V2 roadbed pads laid out under rubble bed provide a high level of elasticity of the track:

  • Halve the load on the track bed (especially important for places with low load bearing capacity of soil);
  • Lower the rigidity of track switches;
  • Help solving the problem of switching from ballast to nonballast tracks;
  • Are used for heavyweight traffic.

  • Improved track quality;
  • Achieving a certain level of elasticity in areas with low ballast height;
  • Reducing the level of vibration and structural noise in the ballast track;
  • Quick and easy installation.

NG modular construction for nonballast tracks

This system is used on tunnel tracks in the non-ballast construction of railway superstructure with decreased vibration and other municipal light railway transport with typical static axial load 170 kN in curves without limiting the radius and distance between underrail support bearings with maximum speed of the rolling stock 140 km/h. The unique trait of the system is the combination of the functional shock absorbing Gener VM layer and rubber-based elastic hydroinsulation material of the walls developed by experts from the Gavary Group R&D Center. Since the Gavary Railway backing is supplied with any required rigidity, this permits complying with very diverse requirements for use facilities.

Types of constructions:

  • NG-TT for railway tunnel tracks;
  • NG-TA for tunnel tracks in places of installation of automatic train stop;
  • NG-TS for tunnel tracks in the area of passenger platforms and other track sections.

The key feature of this system is providing equal elasticity on all sections of the track.

  • All the developments and construction elements are produced on the territory of Latvia;
  • Possibility of easy replacement of elements;
    Reduction of cost of life cycle;
  • Convenience of assembly;
  • Possibility of selecting the rigidity of elastic elements according to requirements;
  • All the necessary tests and GOST certification passed.