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Who We Are

Gavary Group is a technology-based company that focuses on the basic engineering and manufacture of polymer materials. We deal with trading companies, bringing in a new generation of durable polymer products. Gavary Group serves as the centre that fuses all polymer-based industries and services.

We Are All About Quality

Gavary Group is a world-class research and development company with 20 years of experience in the production of polymer materials. Focused only on excellence, Gavary Group aims for durability and the best property enhancement approaches in manufacturing polymers. Over the years, we have supplied our customers with quality polymer products without compromising quality. We leverage our network to produce highly durable materials for our customers at competitive prices.

Global Presence

With factories and Headquarters situated in Europe, Asia, and Latvia we are a leading organization in the aspect of agile manufacturing and management methodologies that fuels innovation, development and growth.

Our vast chain of network spreads across 15 countries, this implies that customers can access our products irrespective of their geographical location, thanks to the commitment of our partners in ensuring that we are present globally. We currently serve diverse departments of polymer industries with market-leading polymer products.

Spain, Barcelona

Headquarters of European division, production lines and research & development center.

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UK, London

Research & development division.

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Germany, Munich

Partner University & Technological center.

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Italy, Milan

Design & research & development division.

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China, Hong Kong

Research & development division. Production consultancy.

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Research & Development Headquarters. Production lines.

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World Map

Spain, Barcelona

Headquarters of European division,
production lines and
Research & Development center.

UK, London

Research & Development

Germany, Munich

Partner University &
Technological center.

Italy, Milan

Design and Research &
Development division.

Russia, Moscow

R & D Headquarters.
Production lines.

China, Hong Kong

R & D division.
Production consultancy.

We Deliver - No Matter the Demands

All across leading countries, Gavary Group has large industries for the bulk production of polymer demands. We have an incredible workforce across all our operation centres for constant production and supply.

For wholesalers and business partners, meeting up with bulk manufacture of quality products is now a seamless process with Gavary Group. With our durable, fine-designed polymer products, having a huge demand for polymer supply is a guarantee!

Gavary Group has complete production technology that handles all the production processes. Because we’re concerned about quality, we oversee all production stages within our factories. We guarantee our clients quality polymer purchases with timely delivery.

Gavary Group Europe Our Philosophy

Eva Car Mat

The Eva car mat is a revolutionary product, new to the market, with functional qualities that offer an improvement over current mat offerings.
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Partnership and Growth Affiliations

Our partnership provides opportunities for recurring production cycles and produces bulky-specific designs on a long-term basis. We are business-oriented and interested in the success of other businesses.

Partnership allows us to move beyond the formal clientele relationship into further supportive business opportunities. Beyond this, we have a lot of relevant offers for our partners.

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