Eva car mats - The new and ultimate car mat with dirt and liquid protection technology

Eva Rubber Quality

Eva car mat is a low-density yet high-strength material that provides comfort, style, and functionality that rival standard cloth or rubber floor mats.

Eva allows us to manufacture a product that repels liquids and dirt thanks to the external and internal geometric shape of the mat. Its grooves retain dirt and liquids and are removed with a simple movement.

We seek the balance between the simplicity and functionality of the material, without affecting its durability and guaranteeing its maximum protection.

Eva Car Mats Washing

Perfect For Everyday Use

The Eva car mat is perfect for everyday use, adapting to use in extreme work situations. Great for trips with the family thanks to its resistance to heavy objects and its easy cleaning.


Eva Material Design

The design of the Eva car mat creates a geometric mesh that traps dirt and liquids, allowing dirt to be removed with a simple movement.

The mesh has a high resistance to torsion, blows, and heavy objects. Detailed with a customizable semi-rigid edge perfect for attachment to the user’s cabin.

Eva Car Mats Boy and Girl


Long durability

High quality and long durability properties are guaranteed by chemical characteristics of EVA material and high-quality control standards at all stages of production. EVA car mats last longer and do not wear out in extreme conditions in comparison with classical rubber car mats.


Locks dirt and liquid

Honey comb or rhombus cell structure locks dirt and liquid inside and prevent it from spreading across the interior of the car. Moreover, due to this structure liquid spreads in cells and the car mats get dry fast.


Easy to clean

Just hit the side back of the car mat in order to clean it. Even though dirt and liquid are locked inside the cells its easy to clean the car mats.


Customization & design

You can choose between various colors and cell forms which would perfectly fit to your interior of the car.


Available Colors

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