Eva Home Mats

EVA Home Mat is a polymer-made mat with versatile colours to blend with every home’s beauty. Gavary Home Mat comes with a surface finish that easily lets off water and moisture. It is waterproof and boast a texture that repels foul door and adapts to a dense environment.

To keep your home neat, we designed the Eva Home Mat with hollow layers that collect dirt for easy disposal. We built it for both home aesthetics and hygiene.

Universal Mats (Rhombus)

The universal rhombus mat comes with cushion material and sponge fillings. Because of their softness and durability, universal rhombus mats serve as the best car seat covers and faldstools.

The universal rhombus is designed for comfort and breathable thickness.

Anti-Vibration Mats (Washing Machine)

Made of polymer resins that easily isolate vibration, the anti-vibration mats serves as floor protector around the washing machine. The anti-vibration mat absorbs the impact of shock waves from heavy equipment and reduces noise pollution from dryers.

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