Yoga Individual Mats

The yoga mat is made of durable tear-resistant material to withstand ruffles during workouts. It has a floor-grasping surface that prevents slippage from swift gymnastic motions.

The yoga mat is padded with EVA foams to relax the knee and elbows during yoga sessions.


Module Covers for Gym

Module Cover is a soft floor mat designed for gym houses and athletic purposes. It has a hardness of 55/70, so it protects the floor from shock waves.

It has a dimension of 1000x1000m; it can cover much space in gym floor houses. We have the module gym cover in black, grey, beige, and brown colors.

Tatami for Martial Arts

The Tatami mat is a decorative flooring polymer material with Japanese designs. It is made from EVA (Foamed Rubber) material. The Tatami mat has a density of 180-200kg/m3, so it does not absorb water.

It is soft, corrosion-resistant, and keeps the floor warm. The tatami mat comes in yellow and blue color.

Yoga Block

The yoga blocks are a masterpiece among our polymer engineered products. It is made of soft EVA foam; it is lightweight and cannot support your body-positioning during yoga sessions.

The yoga block comes with 22, 8x15cm, 2x10cm dimensions, and non-slip surface property. Because it is built for balance, the yoga has beveled edges that allow for stability and firm grip.

Fitness Massage Rollers

The fitness roller is made of two major components:

– The top layer, which is made of soft EVA material. The soft EVA materials give a soothing body sensation during fitness programs.

– The inner layer, which is made of polypropylene. Polypropylene creates the rigid feel of the massage roller.

The massage roller in a 33cm length enables ease of workout sessions in comfortable spots in a room. It has an anti-static surface that allows for quality body massage and toughness that withstands pressure and deformity.


Modular Cover for Pools

The modular cover mat is an anti-slippery mat that is made of propylene. It is designed with holes to easily let off water, with a rubber grip surface that prevents slip. The modular cover mat has a hardness of 45shores and a weight of 0.3KG; it is durable. It is easy to install installation easily, with easy hygiene and maintenance properties.

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